Build your unique story

Create and build your brochure in sections, allowing you to organize all your content as you want.

Use the navigation menu to display your contents clearly, making it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for and to stay connected.

Add up to 8 icons in the navigation menu. Choose from a palette of colors and icons to tell your story in a unique and individual way.

Utilize multiple content options

Upload 360 interactive tours and images to provide clients with an immersive experience.

Use videos, drone views and interviews to engage your clients with the property.

Insert high quality images and text to give detailed information about your proposition.

Do updates on demand easily and quickly as they are required.

Create engaging brochures

Choose from template-designed layouts of galleries and add stunning images and videos.

Add other interactive elements such as dartboards and icons to individualize your brochure.

Keep your content relevant

Upload your content to our secure cloud based system. Build your brochure and update your content quickly and easily.

Add, change, remove or rearrange the content of your brochure with just a few clicks. Your clients will see any changes each time they open the app.

Use analytics to improve your ROI

The comprehensive analytics report gives full insights of your clients' content usage.

Use the report to understand your clients' areas of particular interest while they use the app.

Optimize your time and resources by identifying your hottest leads.
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